We are Burgundy Boater Band

Burgundy Boater Band are an experienced professional traditional jazz quartet providing live music for any occasion. We play tunes that have a beginning a middle and an end which most people like and are suitable for listening to at a concert or in the background or for dancing. We pride ourselves on being one of the most 'fun' party and wedding bands Hampshire has to offer!

We are a quartet (Trumpet Clarinet/Soprano Sax Banjo & Sousaphone/Bass Sax) playing a mixture of well known jazz blues & popular tunes of the early 20th century in the New Orleans jazz style that appeals to all ages.

The instruments we lay are acoustic (not dependent on electricity) which makes us versatile as we can perform anywhere and easily relocate. We take up little space and play live music for any occasions as quietly or loudly as you wish. As well as our nineteen-twenties style striped blazers, we have evening dress tailcoats for the formal twenties white tie and tails theme.

We can lead processions of wedding guests from ceremony to reception and we have led funeral corteges.

Burgundy Boater Band has played at many venues inside outside concerts shows clubs parties openings, fetes, promotions, jazz festivals, dances, receptions, weddings, funerals, wakes, etc. These have taken place in hotels, village halls, in marquee's, stately homes (including Hampton court), and on ships including HMS Victory.

Apart from performing at over two hundred weddings (and twenty five funerals) ourr clients have included Abbey Road Studios (EMI), B & Q, The Bank of Scotland, Chelsea Building Society, Churchill Retirement Living, Courages, Ericsson, Fortis Insurance, Glaxo Smith Kline, Infinium (Exxon), Lotus software, Ordnance Survey, Sainsbury's, Shooting Times, University of Surrey, University of Winchester

We are equally at home providing the music at a dinner dance or playing in the background at a reception or party. We have played to all size of audience from 750 people, at Wembley Conference Centre down, to 6 people in our own front rooms!

A typical wedding day could include the band playing gentle background music to entertain the guests on arrival at the wedding or wedding reception while the photos are being taken, then moving to the dance floor to play music for dancing at whatever tempo the guests want. Sometimes we've led the procession of wedding guests from the ceremony to the wedding reception.

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